12 acres lush green beautiful campus. Values based strict discipline. Excellent academics integrated with variety of activities. Qualified,competent & caring faculty. Individual attention to each learner. Continual remedial classes for weak students.


Sh. Harvinder Kalyan


The future of our nation lies with our children. Our real investment lies in educating them. Their shoulders may look delicate but our children have a tremendous amount of tenacity and lots of determination. With the right training and education our children learn skills to enhance their capabilities to secure their own future as well as the future of our nation.

The purpose of education is not merely making a child literate but empowering the child with skills that will enhance his personality, make him a good human being and help him become a responsible citizen not just of our country but a global citizen in its true sense.

There is increased level of stress for our children and their life is replete with strife and storm of daily struggles. The world has become competitive and our children have to share that world and survive. We must look at school education as a means to reach the end where our children are equipped to handle any crisis with ease and make this world a comfortable place to live for themselves and for others.

The torch of knowledge and education lighted by our dear father is being carried forward under the able guidance of Mr. Samar Singh Kalyan, President, Rising Sun Public School.

We at Rising Sun, management and staff diligently work towards making the school that perfect place to learn and grow for our children.